I offer counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples in Chiswick, West London. 

I am a United Kingdom of Psychotherapy (UKCP) registered and qualified therapist with over 20 years’ experience working both within the NHS Primary Care environment and in private practice. 

Why people come into therapy 

People come into therapy for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it is because of a crisis or difficulty with a specific area of their life. Sometimes it may be a more general dissatisfaction. It may also be a wish to find a way to change our lives and create a more desirable future. 
Therapy can help us gain a better awareness and perspective on the way that we think, the way that we feel and the way that we behave. With therapeutic support and by paying attention to 
the detail of how we feel and our patterns of thinking and behaviour, we can learn how to modify or even change those responses that are unhelpful and negative. It then becomes possible to find alternative and more helpful ways to affect and experience our lives ongoingly, if we choose. 
Therapy may therefore be short term and focussed on a specific difficulty, or it can be open-ended and used as a tool to review our lives and support us to define and make changes. 


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My style is conversational and exploratory, with an emphasis on developing practical strategies for the ‘here and now.’ 
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