People choose to come into therapy for many different reasons. 
Often it will be a crisis or major life event that prompts us to get therapeutic support; sometimes it is a difficulty that we are having in one area of our lives and we want to manage the situation differently. It may be just a general sense of dissatisfaction with life, or perhaps a sense of wanting to grow or understand ourselves more. Each client, each circumstance and each experience will be different. Therapy gives us time and space to explore our own unique situation in a non-judgemental and confidential environment. 
I have experience and knowledge of a wide range of therapeutic approaches which I use in my work and as each client is unique, so too is the therapeutic process. In the initial session we talk about your expectations and what you want for yourself. We can then begin to plan how that might be achieved. For some clients this means just a few sessions to look at a specific situation. For others it is a longer-term process to look more generally at what is going on in your life, how you manage it and the thoughts and behaviours that support or limit you in some way.  
By working with the detail, we can begin to become more aware and clearer about how we feel and what we do, giving us options to modify or change our behaviour if we so choose. 


Being in a relationship with someone can be challenging at times as both individuals bring a complex combination of their own histories, expectations and responses into it. 
Add onto that the pressures of everyday life and ongoing challenges and it is no wonder that there are times where difficulties arise. Couples usually come for therapy either because they need support with those specific difficulties in their relationship, or because they want to improve the relationship generally. Many issues may contribute to a general dissatisfaction or difficulty - communication, conflict, parenting, money and intimacy, amongst others. Having a safe, therapeutic space where you can both explore your responses and where you are both heard, can be the beginning of a transformative experience individually and together. 


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My style is conversational and exploratory, with an emphasis on developing practical strategies for the ‘here and now.’ 
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